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Dream Puppies - The Early Weeks

  Congratulations on your new puppy! You have come to the right place if you are looking for help training your new pup.  Through many years of experience working with puppy owners and training puppies my Dream Puppies Program is designed to make puppy training fun and easy  

I need help with potty training my puppy! Puppy Training West Palm Beach

Dream Puppies Under 16 weeks

Starting Puppy Training

 When people ask me when they should start puppy training I usually say "as soon as you bring your new puppy home!".    

We all know puppies are just adorable they can be work, and that's okay they are worth it!

I feel like it is a great privilege not only to own but to train a young puppy.  For the most part they are clean slates ready for the World to imprint on them.  It is up to us as owners and trainers to ensure that that process goes smoothly and we give the pup the best start in life for success.

Puppies new, spongy little brains absorb a lot more information than you probably imagine.  When they arrive at your home they instantly start to learn how to get what they want, which at a young age is usually food, potty breaks, play and affection. So in turn, whether you are aware or not you have been "training" your puppy since the day you brought him home.

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Are you ready to learn how my Dream Puppies Program can help you and your puppy?  Click below to set up your free telephone consultation to learn about the benefits of the program, pricing and how to get started

Puppy Training

Puppy Training with Heel 2 Heal Dog Training West Palm Beach Florida Potty Training help crate training for puppies

potty training

I know this is a big one! No one wants expensive rugs and furniture ruined by little accidents! Let me help you teach your puppy to become potty trained

Heel 2 Heal Dog Training West Palm Beach Florida Puppy Camp for puppy training. Puppy training for your puppy

puppy manners

Nipping, barking, refusal to walk on a leash, jumping, stealing things and running away.  These are all behaviors my Dream Puppy Program addresses and has proven results

South Florida's favorite puppy trainer!  Lorraine J Smith, CDT Heel 2 Heal Dog Training WPB FL  Puppy training for your puppy

crate training

Is your new puppy crying in his crate and refusing to settle? Having potty accidents in his crate or around the house? My Dream Puppy Program teaches your puppy to enjoy crate time and learn to relax until its time to come out to play.


How does your puppy program work?

 First thing to do is set up your free telephone consultation. During this phone call we will be able to discuss the challenges you are having with your young puppy, your own schedule, and I will be able to share with you how my Dream Puppy Program will give you proven and effective results that not only give you peace of mind but also will give your puppy a fantastic start in life. 

  I understand many of my clients have hectic schedules and that's why I have build puppy training programs that are easy to implement yet extremely effective in getting you the results while making training fun and enjoyable for your pup.

Starting puppy training off early! Dream Pups puppy training Heel 2 Heal Dog Training.  Puppy Training WPB and Palm Beach County


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