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Freedom of off-leash dog training

Dream Dogs by Heel 2 Heal Dog Training

I'm so excited to help you with your dog!  You are going to love my dog training program , it's designed just for you, the everyday dog owner who is looking for their dream dog!  I know, you are probably thinking "Yeah but you haven't met my dog!", that is true, but I've met hundreds of dog owners all with very similar problems to yours and have turned their naughty dogs into the dogs of their dreams with my dog training programs, and I can do the same for you and your dog.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Whether you have a busy schedule, travel often, or are enjoying sunny South Florida retirement my program still work for you. It's going to teach simple and effective dog training techniques that are easy to implement into your daily life and get you results in short time, along with coaching and encouragement for both you and your dog!


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With over 20 years experience Certified Dog Trainer and Certified Canine Massage Therapist Lorraine J. Smith brings a vast wealth of canine knowledge to her clients, and strives for only the highest standard in dog training and complimentary services

Dream Dog Training Program

Dogs over 1 year old

puppies under 1 year old

puppies under 1 year old


If your dog is one year old or older go to this page to learn how my Dream Dog Program works.  I promise you the program is easy to implement, is effective and has proven results!

puppies under 1 year old

puppies under 1 year old

puppies under 1 year old


If your dog is under one year old jump over to this page for more details on my Dream Pup Program

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Doggie manners with dog trainer Lorraine J Smith, Heel 2 Heal Dog Training West Palm Beach Florida

The Benefits of training your dog

Heel 2 Heal Dog Training Dream Dogs Program is not just about teaching obedience commands, I want to help you build a great relationship with your dog so you can enjoy all the benefits and freedom of having a Dream Dog with great dog manners!



  • Untrained dogs have a higher incident rate of serious injury or death when they have bolted out a door or slip their leash while out on a walk.  A reliably trained Recall command can save your dog’s life.                                                                                             

More fun less stress

  • Your trained dog will become enjoyable and fun to be around.  He will be able to go on more public outings with you since he has good manners and under your control in public.  You may even meet new friends while out having fun with your dog.                                                                                                                     

stay in shape

  • Keep fit and healthy! Enjoyable walks or beach trips with your dog will provide daily exercise for both you and your dog and reduce stress 


  • Longevity.  Obesity in dogs is becoming a serious problem.  Canine Diabetes is on the rise, along with weight related hip, knee and back issues are.  Keeping your dog mentally and physically active and in great shape greatly increases the chances of a long healthy life 

your family & friends will thank you

  • Everyone loves a well trained dog!  Including family members, neighbors and      friends.

Heel 2 Heal Dog Training

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