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Dream Puppies Growing Up

While 4 months may seems like a very young age it is around this time that puppies are are transitioning into the next stage of their puppy development.  What does that mean?  Well you may have noticed your pup is becoming a little more independent, or maybe that she is getting herself into a little bit more trouble...

Dewey - 15 weeks old 
Heel 2 Heal Dog Training Dream Puppy Program
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Dream Puppy Training Program

A growing puppy

Oh the joys of puppies!  Most of the time, right?  They can also be a handful especially when they are getting a little older and becoming more independent and challenging the rules.  While four months seems like a very young age, it's about this time your puppy reaches around 16 weeks he is moving into the next stage of puppyhood.  What does that mean?  You may have noticed your pup is becoming a little more independent, or maybe that she is getting herself into a little bit more trouble  Depending on where your puppy is on the age spectrum of four months to twelve months you may be here because you are ready and excited to start obedience training with your pup or you may be looking for help with what could be a more serious behavior problem starting, or maybe you fall somewhere in between.  What matters most is you are ready and motivated to start training and my Dream Pup Program is going to help you transform your dream puppy into the dog of your dreams.

Here are some commonly asked questions by puppy owners interested in my Dream pup Program...

  • My puppy pulls and won't walk nice on a leash, can you help with that?

Yes!  Leash manners is one of the first things I teach your puppy!

  • My puppy isn't crate trained yet, is it too late to start?

No!  Teaching your pup to relax and be calm in his kennel is included 

  • My puppy gets overexcited and jumps and nips at myself and family members, is there a way to stop this behavior ?

Yes!  Puppy Manners while at home and in public are taught in my program

  • My puppy is chewing furniture and rugs and stealing my shoes, is this something your puppy training covers?

Yes.  This is actually quite a common problem for puppy owners and I have simple and effective training exercises to stop puppies from stealing and destroying items.

Are you ready to get started? – You are not going to find another puppy training program like this in Palm Beach County, or anywhere in South Florida.  I LOVE training puppies and I have put so much into creating a training program that puppies and their owners love and that gets results quickly, yet doesn't overwhelm you or your puppy.

Fill out the information below and schedule your FREE telephone evaluation to learn more about the Dream Puppy Program and how you can get started.   I'm looking forward to learning more about you and your puppy and getting to work with you!

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If you have read over the information on this page and are excited to get started training and learn how my Dream Puppy Program will help you and your puppy I can't wait to hear from you!

Click on the link below to get started and we will schedule your FREE puppy telephone consultation to learn more about you and your puppy and share all the info about the program

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Tell us about your puppy!

Get Ready for Your Dream Puppy

Loving my puppy training with Heel 2 Heal Dog Training in Downtown Lake Worth Beach Florida. Puppy training camps. Leash training for puppies in Palm Beach County Florida

Leash Manners

  Living in Palm Beach County we are fortunate to have so many places to take our puppies. Visiting green Markets in West Palm Beach and around the County, Beaches, Outdoor Restaurants all require your puppy to have good leash manners to make the outings safe, fun & enjoyable

Puppy Training in Jupiter Florida with Heel 2 Heal Dog Training

Puppy Manners

No more chewing, barking, jumping on people or being a bit too rough with play.  Learning patience, rules and boundaries are all essential for the safety and well being of your pup and to help him get the best start in life.  My Dream Pup Program has all of this covered!

Puppy Training in Naples, Florida with Heel 2 Heal Dog Training's Dream Pups puppy training camp. West Palm Beach Puppy Trainer

introducing off leash training

It is important that your puppy learns that it doesn't have to just listen when it's on the leash, this is why I start teaching off-leash early on.  In your home and around your property is where your pup first learns the benefits of coming when called and other off-leash commands